My baby

The title might sound very motherly but I can’t think of any suitable words that will encompass my thoughts for today.

I know you probably have heard of the word “shower thoughts” and it was a shower thought earlier that made me want to write something now. Plus the fact that I watched Jo Rowling’s interview last night and I heard much about her “baby” which is the Harry Potter. It was one, if not the best, of the massive writings she created in her life that really inspired our generation to read and think beyond the walls of our usual platforms.

Like her, I wanted to have something like that. I want to create something that is based on my imagination. I want to let people see what is going on in my mind. I want them to imagine my what ifs. I want them to feel the emotions I can never explain better than words.

While taking a bath, I literally have so many ideas popping and bursting out that I need to write down immediately. I promise myself one day, when I found that person who will trust and be enchanted about the way I think, I will not have any second doubts of publishing my work and letting the world read it.

I will be starting my very first novel. Now.

Wish me luck!






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