Once again

I am okay. And I can smile. And go through a day without you in mind. 

Once again

I feel free. From the thoughts and questions you left me. 

Once again.

Life became simpler. And I feel calm. And I can just go on with this kind of life. 

Once again.

I feel your presence. You came back. And i knew, you changed. Maybe your mind but I doubt if it’s your heart.

Once again.

We talk. But unlike before, there are fewer lines and just couple of words. We are trying. And I’m not comfortable anymore.

Once again.

I’m getting used to late night conversation. And knowing you’re there. Just waiting. 

Once again.

You left. Because maybe you’re tired. Or you just tried. For a while.

Once again.

I am sad. For the old feelings I almost had. And almost forget. But because you keep on coming back and disappearing out of nowhere, I have to start anew…

Once again.


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