Happy One Year!


Today marked my anniversary of living here in Dubai. I wouldn’t say that I can’t imagine I will last here for a year because apparently, I can. Even if I’m away from my family and closest friends, I can safely say now that somehow, Dubai makes me feel also at home.

Before I made that decision of leaving my country and working overseas, I have doubts if I should carry on. First, I was starting to pursue my passion in writing in a known TV network and I really have to leave it for good if I’m going to venture for something else in a far away country. I just got in the writing industry and there’s no way they will take me back if ever I want to try again. There are lots of people who are next in line in case someone backs out. Lucky for them, I did.Second, I will be far from my family and closest friends. Growing up, it’s always them who keeps me busy. If I’m not at home annoying my mother or brothers or sisters, I am outside going out with my friends and chatting with them so at first, I can’t imagine how will my social life be. (FYI) My social life isn’t that active but I make sure to have time for them once in a while. I am very selective of people I hang out with, I don’t know but maybe because I’m too lazy to go over getting-to-know-each-other stage again. Going back, if I were to go to Dubai, I’ll be with my father but I also need to make adjustments because we’ve been apart for so long I don’t even know if our personality would click. I would also have to make some new friends and learn to trust people again. (I am almost always skeptical with people’s intention of getting close to me. I’m not even an important person that’s why). Third, my future is not guaranteed. Yes, my father is there and he can support me but only for three months because I’m on visit visa. My only goal in going to Dubai is actually just trying to go on board and going through the whole airport process because I don’t want my passport to expire without having any stamp on it. I paid for that, I should have at least spend some money using it. Going back again, after three months if I don’t get any job I will go home. And actually, that’s fine with me. What’s not fine is I have to apply again to companies and shell out extra cash again for transportation and everything related to that. I have like two pending interviews during that time and I’m currently a work-in-progress writer as I’ve mentioned awhile ago. So there’s so much at risk in my decision, add up to that the negative comments of me not fully prepared of venturing in this kind of thing. Nevertheless, I’d still chose the harder path or the greener pasture (as what others always thought of but not really, hard work just paid off)

Living now in Dubai for a year, I am really thankful for all the things I was able to provide for my family and for all the lessons this whole experience is teaching me.I got to know who really cares for me and will always be with me no matter how many miles we’re far apart. That it is never the distance which separates people but time. And it is not with arguments people get hurt but with the silence and neglect. That no matter how close you were in the past, it is not a guarantee for a future. I also learned to do things on my own because I can’t count on anyone to always prep up for my future. It is mine and not theirs in the first place. That I shouldn’t and never blame anyone for my fault same with not crediting myself for the good things I’ve done in my life. Girl! you also worked hard for it, it’s not just luck. Great job! That if I didn’t take this chance in a lifetime, maybe I’ll be taking so much time to learn these things. Moreover, I’ve learned that there are things that you need to get to be a real person with a sense of living. Identity cards finally  have shown their use to me.Medical card and life insurance should be a must because it will save us from the stress that we will for sure encounter, we’re not getting any younger.    I’ve learned to compute my taxes before and accept the fact that 40% of hardwork is for my tax but not here. I have my salary, tax-free. My 100%hardwork pays off 100% too.I’ve come to discover that I don’t really have to spend my entire life working hard for the future because there are works out there humane enough to give me the right wage and not burnt me out. I just needed to look hard, or if  in case it didn’t turn out this good, I will just be thankful that at least I have some reasons to be busy in my life. Better busy than not, our boss always tells us. I’ve learned that you can always have new friends and it is not really tiring to get to know somebody because most of their Dubai stories were really interesting. I’ve learned that airplanes are like buses, only it has wings. You’d still look at a window and see a view. I actually like buses and trains more than planes, one of the things I was able to confirm for myself.  That the simple aircraft lavatory can make you realize that there’s a lot to learn than the world can offer.  I learned that it is not really sad to be far from home, we just had this idea that we should always miss something that is not close to us anymore. And it’s okay. Because when we miss something or someone, that’s when we learn to appreciate their presence. Above all, I learned that I can miss them or long for them but I don’t have to spend all my days feeling sad about it because I can always go home. Home is not just a place where I grew up or live in, it is a feeling of security that there is someone or some people who will still and will always wait  for me when I am ready to come back. After all, whenever I look up in the sky, whether it’s the star on my way home to that urban city of  Cavite or the skylights in this elegant city of Dubai, I am still under the roof of the same universe. We are breathing the same air, we all live in the same space.





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