In between

” There are good times and bad times. There will be highs and lows. “

​​​​Once, we were only little kids who dreamt of living a big life. We were owning the world. We were the successors of the universe. The stars were in our hands and feet and we were making our constellations of wishes.  We made our own pattern; we sewn our very destiny. 

And there came a time when we needed to go in separate path. I tried to reach for the moon while you were aiming for the sun. You were working hard, I can feel even from afar. The sun is big and I heard you also have a world to weigh and carry too. There’s a lot of going in you. You even made some nights into days. And that’s when we meet. In between. You asked me how am I doing but I answered with the same question, how are you doing. 

We both stop and sit on our stars. We look at all those wishes falling at our feet. You break the silence and said you were caught up in a dream. I looked at you and wonder what dream from all of those dreams are you referring to. You were staring into space. Your eyes used to mirror the stars but now they were blank. I can see you were trying to hold “something” in but can’t. And then there’s tears. Stream of it.

You said you wanted the sun because of its warmth. Your world will for sure cheer up on you once you have it. But when you were close to holding it, it burned a bit of you. You second-doubted if you will keep going but your world applauded. You keep on taking it ’til it hurts and the warmth became burns. The world you were carrying was waiting and complaining and slowly turning…into ashes. 

It was only in dreams that you can take the sun and it was only you who believed that your world will be happy for you. And right there you asked me again, for the second time, how am i doing. I didn’t want to answer. I just wanted to listen. But you were waiting. You asked me again, but with a different question this time. “Are you happy we separate ways?” 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the moon, it is to give light to anything living in the dark. It is to listen without judgement and give answers to those who are asking. And so I answered. 

“I reached for the moon and I felt cold at some point. I am not so sure if it was because of the moon or because of you leaving and taking all the warmth but nonetheless I felt anew. Unlike you, I never plan on taking it away with me. I just wanted to touch. To feel.” 

But you didn’t smile even a bit. Another wish fell on my knees. You breathe deeply and asked again, ” are you happy?”

I looked at the space and gave a glimpse at my world. It nodded at me and shared a smile. I smiled back and answered

 “I didn’t know I was lost after touching the moon ’til that world found me. I traveled around it and found myself. I offer carrying the world but it insisted on just being with me and I was out of words. That time I was just full of feelings. And now, I couldn’t be happier. ”

and then I looked at you. Your last wish on a star fell right on your knees. You stood up and willfully let the last star fell into the universe. I asked if you were going already and you said we both need to get going and move on, our world will not be waiting. 


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