They say you’ll know when you finally meet the person you’re supposed to spend your life with. 

But how?

Will there be ringing of bells? or will time stood still? 

Will you be falling at first sight? Or will it take time before you notice? 

Are there angels singing when the eyes met? Or will there be music while staring at each other?

Do hearts really beat fast when it is close to whoever it is meant to be or will it stop, for a moment, because it feels so right?

Is it going to be tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that? 

Or was it yesterday, or the other day, or the day before that?

How do we know if we haven’t met the melody that should be playing in our heart? 

How is it that most of the people already found their other half when they didn’t even move while here we are, you and  me, admitting we are lost of searching for whoever is missing?

Does someone needs to go places and look for? or is it enough to just go out of that comfort zone? 

Are we meant to be? Or are we the ones who breaks the rule and make our own version of fate? 

Will our feelings just grow and develop in time or will it be instant like those in movies?

Should i feel any spark between us the moment we meet? or must it be fireworks? 

Will it be you who’s going to look for me?
 Or will it be me finally finding you? 

How in the world full of strangers can you find that one who is willing to know your whole being and be amazed because you have been the best version of yourself while waiting?

11th of May, 2017


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